Silver Linings

On Monday I finalised all the small details, typed up our itinerary and took the folder with all our paperwork home. This is the first step in getting into holiday mode. Then on Tuesday, while I was sitting at a customer, I got a message from Air France to say the flight had been cancelled. Thankfully I could sit in his office and make use of their WiFi to try to sort out getting onto the flight out of Johannesburg. We are travelling with friends so it was important to deal with both bookings at the same time. However, the local office had not yet been given authorisation to go ahead with the changes and I decided to leave Hermanus and head for home. I sent a message to Air France in Paris telling them about our preferences hoping the booking would be sorted out while I was on the road. Unbeknown to me, Dave was on the phone changing the booking when the lady I had spoken to phoned me back. Precious was amazing, and had the details to hand. While she was changing our flights I received a reply from Air France to say our flight was not cancelled! They were looking at the changed flight and not the one out of Cape Town. But I did not know that. I decided to reserve seats on the flight out of Johannesburg and wait for an hour to confirm them. As soon as I got off the phone with Air France I called Dave and he told me that he too had been on the phone with them. And then Air France replied with confirmation of our flights out of Johannesburg, which then made everything fall into place. The silver lining is that Bev wanted extra time in Paris, and we will be arriving 6 hours earlier than planned!

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