A hectic start

After waking up just before 6am I waited for Joshua and Maya to stir. They were sleeping in what will eventually be our bedroom. At 6:30 Dave made coffee and I got the kids to shower. I started packing and at 7am we all gathered downstairs for breakfast. Talya and Jonathan were visiting from London and we had a stunning day and evening together on the Thursday. After breakfast Talya and I sat outside enjoying the warm weather while Dave and Jon went for a drive in the Lotus. I also changed linen and did dishes and ran two loads in the dishwasher.

Just as they were leaving James arrived with Hannah for Easter eggs. Well, Easter bunny ears for Hannah and eggs for James. Dave and he chatted while I got on with packing. When James left Dave went to Nico and I finished getting everything into my case. I then showered, got dressed and made up. No sooner was I ready than Dave got home so good timing. I sorted out his case while he showered and then we locked up, went to the garage for petrol and headed to the office to leave the van for his staff. We were picked up on time and managed to check in on Safair. Bev and Eric were already done and through security. We met at Mugg and Bean and had lunch before boarding. The flight took off at 14:49 and we were put into a holding pattern heading out to Pretoria due to a runway change. We landed at a super fast speed at 16:47 and the 13 minutes early were to be vital. When we got our luggage both our locks had been opened. There is no Safair baggage claim desk so hopefully they accept my email of complaint. We then walked to Air France check in only to be told we could not board! We could not check in online due to the change in our route and as Safair are not a preferred partner we were out of sequence. Eric and Bev got their boarding passes with no issue. Our problem was the fact that our extra comfort seats that we had paid for were no longer available. The silver lining was that we were fast tracked through security and passport control. Bev and Eric are flying premium economy so they went through on premium economy. Due to the change they also don’t have their original seats and are in the middle seats of the middle row. But, we are on the plane and that is all that counts. Even if it is late leaving due to an issue with the jet way. Our holiday can now start!

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