Getting to Gurgy

Despite the noise from the buskers I managed to fall asleep with ease. The bed was so comfortable and I slept very well. I woke up at 5:20 and snoozed until 6:30. We showered and packed and then went for breakfast. At 8:40 we were in reception with two taxis waiting for us. The hotel had booked one for 8:45 and one for 9:00 and they were having a discussion (read argument) about who would take us. The first driver was fine with taking us until he saw the luggage. So Ben agreed to take us and we finally were on our way once the receptionist had got the last word in. I had programmed the train journey into the app and as we arrived at Bercy the app notified me our train was on platform P. We got on board, chose a cabin and made ourselves comfortable. I had purchased the tickets on the app and the conductor came along and scanned them. Such a pleasure to do it that way. The train ride was pleasant and we arrived at Laroche station on time. We walked to Le Boat Base and started our early check in procedure. Unfortunately the barge was not ready for us.

Bev and I started the shopping and Dave came along to choose what he would cook for dinner. The staff were very helpful at the basin and they loaded the groceries. We eventually got on at 13:00 and Eric, Bev and I went to watch the lock filling up. We then got on board so we could get through the lock and tie up. This was the down lock onto the River Yonne. We tied up, had lunch and then Dave, Bev and I went for a walk through Migennes.

It’s a pretty town with quite an impressive Church.

We got back onto the barge and left Migennes at 15:15.

The second lock started our up journey and was a breeze. The barges coming through for their final leg back to Migennes had left the locks all open for us.

At the 3rd lock, Ecluse Bassou we tied up alongside the floating platform. The current came in a bit faster than I expected.

The 4th lock has the lock keeper station and he helped with the ropes which was a good thing as it meant we didn’t have to climb up the ladder. He operates some of the locks remotely so as we approached the 5th one I waved at the camera.

We breezed through and arrived in Gurgy at 17:50. Dave and I went to buy the electricity token (€6 for 12 hours) and did a mini cheese tasting. We bought cheese and while I unpacked to get the whisky and gin out of the suitcase Dave went to the kiosks and came back with gougeres. I so need to bake them again. We had sundowners and snacks and Dave cooked a simple pasta. We ended our meal with cheese and biscuits and chocolate. I finally feel like we are on holiday after the busy start to this trip. We got to bed around 22:30. Steps walked today 14078, 7.35km.

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