A slow day to Vincelles

At 8:00 Dave and I walked to Maison Eric Roy, the best boulanger in France, or so we’ve been told. We bought baguette secrete, croissants and pain au chocolat and headed back to the barge.

After a breakfast of scrambled eggs and smoked salmon we walked through the historic town to the market.

There is an electric bus that circumnavigates the old city but by taking it you would miss out on the sights.

After buying our fresh produce we went to Monoprix for groceries and then to Damann Fréres for hot drinks.

Established in 1692 they are part of Maison Eric Roy. While Eric and Dave went to Boucherie du Pont Patricia et Bruno to get minced meat Bev and I queued for desserts.

We got Far Bretton which were delicious. As we only got back to the barge at 12 Dave started on dinner and Eric and I went to put water in the barge. There was no male adapter so we moved the barge to the left bank at 12:30 and tied up outside the Aquarelle office and filled up and bought the adapter. At 13:00 we put the canopy down and made our way to the first lock of the day which was closed.

This is the entry to the Canal du Nivernais and the locks are manual. We had to wait for barges coming down and our female lock keeper also serviced the second lock.

She asked us to wait a bit at the third lock for barges coming down. But after waiting 45 minutes Dave went for a walk to find the lock keeper. There was an issue with the barges coming down, hence the delay. He also was not in a rush when we eventually got into the lock, being more interested in starting his bonfire.

The lock at Vaux was also closed and we had to put the canopy down before going in.

If we had wanted to visit Champs-sur-Yonne we would have to had tied up on the left bank before lock number 5.

Even though the 6th lock was open, we had to wait for the lock keeper as there were barges coming down after we went up. The canopy had to come down again when we joined the river before the next lock. You have to go under the bridge on the far right hand side and into the lock which thankfully was open.

The lock keeper got there 2 minutes after we did. If you want electricity and water (at a cost) for the night then you would have to tie up alongside Caves de Bailly.

This is where you can do a vineyard tour, wine tasting and buy wine. We decided to tie up in Vincelles which is a very small village.

We arrived at 18:15, managing 8 locks in just over 5 hours, with a lot of waiting. Bev and I went for a short walk and then we came back to the barge for snacks.

Before dinner we started a game of monopoly which Eric won.

We had a very late night (for me) while sorting out tethering Eric’s computer so he could check his email. He had the automatic updates on so he went through a lot of data before Dave turned it off. We went to bed while Eric did some work and I read for quite some time, turning the light off after midnight! Yesterday I walked 14672 steps, covering 7.6km.

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