A cold day to Tannay

At 8:20 Dave and I went in search of the market. We eventually found it in the building across from the Church.

It was worth finding and we bought the last of the fresh produce we need.

We then went to the bakery next to the Carrefour for baguette, bread, croissants and pain au chocolat. While I went to the Carrefour Dave went back to the barge. I got back at 9:10 and Bev had already started making oats. A warm breakfast was most welcome not only for having been out in the cold rain, but because the heating was not working. We left Clamecy at 9:45 and got to the first lock which was open. We waited for another barge and they spent the day with us. Their young daughter helped at all but one of the locks.

The third lock was tricky as the ladder is right at the front. After that is a permanently open swing bridge and another tricky lock as the bollard is before the steps.

At the 6th lock for the day Dave opened the door and we tied up inside for lunch at 12:20. The lock keeper arrived with much enthusiasm at 13:00 and at this point they keep the canal very low for the small barges.

It was only a short distance to the next lock and we waited for a barge coming down. As you go through it you can see the adjustable spillway which controls the water level. After that we came to another drawbridge and Dave dropped Eric off on the right bank to open it.

The other barge came through and waited behind us while Eric closed it. The last two locks are a double lock and we were through them at 14:35.

Twenty five minutes later we tied up in Tannay. We got the heater fixed (or so we thought) and then Dave and I walked to Flez-Cuzy for a drink.

We came back to the barge, had snacks and dinner and played cards. It was a great evening except for the fact that the heater stopped working at 20:00. I only managed 11075 steps and 5.96km today.

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