After a late start to the morning we left Connelles at 10:15 and drove to Bourg-Achard to go to the market.

It is 45 minutes away and the market is in the square outside the Church. From there we drove to Rouen and parked at Hôtel de Ville off Rue Piétonnes.

This is perfectly situated for the historic centre of town.

We spent a fair while walking around and visited the Cathéderal Notre-Dame de Rouen which was built starting from 1170.

It was conferred as an historic monument in 1862 and is very impressive.

We left Rouen at 14:50 and drove through Amfreville to Les Écluses on the Seine.

They started building them on the 11th of December 1929 and completed the construction on the 13th of January 1932.

It is quite a sight, a highway of two locks, one kept ready for traffic coming each way. We watched a barge going down and out and then one coming in. After we saw the water coming in under the lock we left.

We got back to the apartment at 16:25 and after coffee we went for a swim and sauna. There is a pick your own garden here so I selected a few herbs for Dave to use in his cooking. Quite a slow paced day and I managed 12133 steps and 6.30km.

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