Labour Day

Did you know that this very French holiday has its roots in America? In 1886 there was a strike in Chicago and 3 years later France declared International Workers Day here. I’m 1941 the Vichy Government made it a paid days leave. It is a day meant for peaceful protests which clearly was not the case in Paris. In South Africa it is a public holiday but all the shopping centres stay open. Not the case here where we are staying near Rouen. We left the apartment at 10h25 to get some food for lunch, supper and breakfast and headed through Romilly-sur-Andelle and Fleury-sur-Andelle finding nothing open. We then headed for Rouen past a ruin of an Abbeye built next to a canal that was really amazing. In Boos we stopped at La Belle Rouge, a small butcher, to buy pâté and minced beef and carried on until we found a boulangerie.

Maison Dumontier in Franqueville-Saint-Pierre had a long queue outside it so we stopped there for baguette and croissants. In Fresnay we bought fresh produce and cheese at L’epicurien and then went to find coffee.

I was given a maguet flower. This tradition dates back to 1561 when the French King Charles IX, was given a lily of the valley as a lucky charm. He liked it so much that he decided to offer them each year to the ladies of the court.

By 12:30 we were done and headed back to Connelles, filling up with petrol along the way. 40.63 litres cost us €63.75! We stopped along the way to take in the view and have our croissants.

It is illegal to drive and eat in France! We got back to the apartment at 13:25 and had lunch and relaxed.

And 15:00 we went for a 70 minute amble through the village and at 17:00 we went for a long sauna. I walked 9817 steps and covered 5.16km.

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