Full circles

Today was a journey of many full circles. We headed out at 9:35 for Ferme Des Puepliers, a cidre presse in Flipou.

It is just a shop and they also sell fresh produce and award winning dairy products. It’s less than 20 minutes from Connelles and we had to double back a bit to get to our next destination which was in Heaurteauville.

That one hour drive took us into the start of Bourg-Achard. Our stop here was Clos des Citots, another cidre presse. It looked totally closed when we arrived, despite the cars.

The geese sounded the alarm and a young gentleman came from the barns at the back to open the shop for us.

We bought cidre for home and then made our way to La Mailleraye-sur-Seine we did our shopping and had coffee.

We followed the Seine through Caudebec-en-Coux towards Le Havre. 11 years ago we arrived in this port via Ferry for our second overseas trip together. We got onto the toll road and paid our €5.40 to go over the same bridge we had been on then.

From there we drove through Honfleur to Pennedepie where we had lunch. This is the Pont De Normandie.

On the way back we saw a bunker and stopped at the Classic Pub & Cars for a coffee and to look at the cars.

We had wanted to walk around the quaint village of Honfleur but it looked like a tourist trap, and was packed with pedestrians.

Instead, we headed for Connelles, having to detour through Étréville due to the road being closed. There were police blocking an entire section for what we assumed was an accident. We then drove through Bourg-Achard and hit the peak hour traffic again in Pont-De-L’arche, getting back to Connelles at 16:30. We went for a swim and sauna and relaxed for a bit before going across the road for a beer. Being in the car most of the day meant I only walked 6408 steps and 3.33km.

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