A breeze getting to Clamecy

When Dave and I went to open the door at 8:10 we saw that our neighbours had left us baguettes and pastries. We walked up to the bakery and bought croissants. This was our latest waking start to our day but by 9:10 we had finished breakfast, untied and heading for the first lock.

There was a gentle yet cold breeze but at least it was not raining. After the 4th lock we joined the Yvonne for a short time. At the drawbridge after Coulanges-sur-Yonne Eric dropped Dave off on the right hand bank so he could open it.

We then had to take care approaching the 6th lock. Thankfully the guard lock was open so we could go straight across the Yvonne and into the lock.

At 12:01 we drifted outside the next lock to have lunch with a view.

At 12:55 we tied up in the lock, waited for the lock keeper and were on our way within 15 minutes. There is a very tricky and narrow guard lock that takes you back onto the Yvonne and then a short trip to the last lock of the day which had a manual swing bridge in front of it.

We reversed into the mooring at 13:50 – there are only a few spaces with services so this is a good stop to be early at. Bev and I went into the historical village and Eric and Dave went off together to find the butcher.

It’s so small that we bumped into them twice. Bev found a pair of sandals and we stopped for coffee at Portal Emmanuel where we also bought tart fines for dessert.

We came back to the barge at 16:30 to drop off the shopping and then went to the Carrefour to buy the last lot of groceries.

We were back by 17:25 and sat outside for sundowners. It got cold soon after we were done so we came back inside for supper and canasta. I had one super round, ending the game. Our heating has stopped working but thankfully the duvets they provide are super warm. Yesterday I walked 12087 steps and 6.29km.

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